Resensies van PROMINEE®

Van tyd tot tyd: nuwe kliënte vra of soek enige resensies van PROMINEE®, maar hulle kan niks vind nie. Ongelukkig vir daardie nuwe kliënte, hulle vergeet dat PROMINEE® presies soos die gelewerde dienste is: diskreet.

Dit lei tot die tweede punt: positiewe terugvoer word van gelukkige kliënte ontvang, maar as hulle name nie gepubliseer kan word nie, what value or authority do they have to others?…

Third point: publishing reviews of customers on the website with changed names defeats the purpose, in all cases the reviews are meaningless.

In the next few months: some case examples of problems and their solutions will be published. At the end of the day: all strategies are deployed for an outcome (and not for the strategies themselves).