PROMINEE® is banned in Russia

A formal email was received from the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) that our PROMINEE® website has been blocked from Russia. A reference to the decision of the Kungur City Court (Perm Territory) No. 2a-3556/2023 dated 2023-12-25 (on Christmas day?!) has been made but the decision is nowhere to be found (a VPN in Russia is needed to see the court’s website).


Without access to the court decision, one can only guess that it could be because PROMINEE® is attached to a company registered in the USA, which is now part of the Russian’s list of unfriendly countries.

This is very unfortunate and regrettable.

It is also unjustified with no possibility of appeal or counter-arguments of a claim.

PROMINEE® is not a national threat in any shape or form to any country. PROMINEE® does not work with any government (nor any agency of a government), and strict guidelines are applied (something that many companies do not even consider).

An appeal to anyone

If anyone out there is able to help to alleviate this situation, please contact us.

Future updates will be posted here

If there is any update to this situation, it will be posted here (not in a new post).