Ett fall exempel: ett olagligt förtroende i Belize

Ibland kan den mest grundläggande juridiska strukturen helt depraveras för att bli något olagligt.

Ta till exempel detta gifta brittiska par som vill skapa ett förtroende i Belize. De kontaktade en licensierad lokal agent, och betalade en rejäl avgift för att skapa ett förtroende (7x gånger dyrare än PROMINEE®). Under Trust Deed-ritningstiden: the spouses expressed their wish to be able to contribute to the Trust. The licensed local agent in Belize created a chimera: a Trust with 2x Settlors/Grantors! Not only that but they never sent out the signed Deed to their own customers.

For those unaware of this abomination:

A Trust can only have one single Settlor/Grantor!

So this is what you get in Belize from a licensed agent: an expensive sham Trust. Their license is worth $0. Do not count on the IFSC of Belize to clean this up.

The British couple did not renew their Trust maintenance fee, and luckily: they had not contributed a single cent to it.

If you need a Trust: get it right with PROMINEE®. If you think we are too cheap: nothing stops us for charging you seven times more like this rogue service provider from Belize (just ask us to increase our price for you).