We are a low-cost provider

The low-cost model is spreading in many markets: airlines, tourism, manufacturing, housing, finance, etc…

There was a time when the customers were doubtful regarding low-cost airlines (safety, reliability, etc). But within a decade: the prices were so low that the customers were too attracted to ignore them.

After almost a decade of offering PROMINEE® services (we are approaching the 10th anniversary of this website): the customers are starting to understand that they have been paying too much for some services.

The debacles of some expensive competitors prove that very high priced operators are not a guarantee of trust & reliability. It is exactly the same with airlines.

Take our Trustee service for example: it is so competitive that even our competitors are doubtful of its existence… But our low-cost Trustee service is real, and we are using the latest technologies to manage the assets very efficiently.

Why use a spoon to dig a ditch when you can use a bulldozer?… Of course our competitors still want to use the tea spoon (and make you pay a hefty price for it!).