The Seychelles IBCs are less attractive

It is a classic in philosophy, and even in some religious texts: “your biggest enemy is yourself“.

For that matter the Seychelles fell on its own on the 26th July, 2016, in force since the 1st of November, 2016:

  • Section 119 of the Act requires that: an IBC to make an annual declaration that the IBC is keeping
    accounting records in accordance with the Act and that such records can be made available
    through its registered agent.
  • Section 119 of the Act requires thatevery IBC to furnish a return (either in original or scanned
    copies) in the form of a declaration on a yearly basis to its registered agent in Seychelles, signed by its Director.
  • Section 119 of the Act punishes: A director of a company who knowingly permits the company to contravene this section to be liable to a penalty of US$100 and to an additional penalty of US$25 for each day or part thereof during which the contravention continues.

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