Et eksempel på et tilfælde: a holding company

The ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to sell its own company: this often marks a lifetime achievement and the potential ability to retire with a lump-sum of cash. From an entrepreneur you can become an investor (another great next step). There is no other way than using a holding company to maximize the future investing ability.

There are so many great things you can do with a holding company: it gives you more options.

Let’s say that you want to change the ownership of the company owned by the holding company, but to do this you have to: go in front of a notary, pay a stamp duty, and wait for the commercial registry to approve (or decline?) the change. Not only it costs time but also money. To avoid this whole circus, you can simply place your holding company where the shareholding can be changed in a few clicks and without a feeWhat have you just achieved? Done in 5 minutes (and for free).

There are two ways to get a holding company:

  1. Create the holding company yourself, and maintain it all those years
  2. Hire the service from PROMINEE®!

This service can be achieved cheaply using a legal person as a Nominee Shareholder. It is that simple!