Let’s talk about Delaware (as of 2024): 3 myths to debunk

The marketing about Delaware is very strong online. It is supposed to be America’s first corporate state, where all the Google and Microsoft of this world are incorporated. So when you need documents you can get them fast and online?… Wrong.

Myth #1: all documents are available quickly online

When you order any documents by post, you could get (at least?) a copy online: wrong… You do not get anything by email, not even an email confirmation when they are shipped. But there is worse.

Myth #2: when you order documents, you get a status update by email or by phone

Wrong again: you get absolutely nothing from the Delaware Division of Corporations… You just place an order, and you have to call them, or engage them online via chat for an update about your order. So the “first state” (they call themselves that way) is unable to even send you an email… and you have to chase them.

Myth #3: you need Delaware to remain anonymous

No, you can register in any other US state offering anonymity, which is not only Delaware.


All those three myths are three good reasons to avoid Delaware altogether, also because Delaware is expensive and you have better.