Primer primera: investicijska družba

Podobno kot holding: investicijska družba lahko odpre posredniški račun in začne vlagati na borzah po vsem svetu.

Če ste v državi, ki ima naložbene omejitve (ekonomski patriotizem), ali pri katerih je letno upravljanje drago in obremenjujoče: lahko ga zunanje izvajate in organizirate v drugo državo.

The implementation requires two legal entities: a trust and a company (acting as a trustee). The trust will shield away your ownership while still granting you full control over the assets. The trustee company will give you the flexibility and a bundle of two Nominee Shareholders: a legal person and a natural person.

Both those two legal entities have a yearly fee, but they can be funded to last 10-20 years. In the best scenario: the investments generate enough cashflow to cover the yearly costs!

With a low-cost provider like PROMINEE®: you have the insurance that you are getting the most competitive prices.