Rush of Nevada corporations to Wyoming: the mystery has been solved!

We saw in the year 2015 that a rush of companies from Nevada transferred to Wyoming. We found out why in 2 blog posts entitled:

  • The Nevada Corporation is Officially Dead : in 2015 the annual Business License fee was jacked up from US$200 to US$500 (a 150% increase!), making it the most expensive state to maintain a company.
  • Nevada Business License : even worse, in 2009 the Nevada Secretary of State now requires everyone who has never filed a Nevada business license will now have to pay ALL the years back, plus late fees! So that explains why the number of domestications/continuances to Wyoming really took off from 2009.

This means that more and more Corporations or LLCs from Nevada will look to move to another (cheaper) state. We recommend Wyoming, and we can help you with that!